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Recipe 2: Cool Black Twist (Black Sesame Powder + Organic Ice Soy + Organic Instant Rolled Oats)

Posted by Agu Ya on


⬜️ 200ml Hot Water

⬜️ 30g Organic Ice Soy Powder

⬜️ 25g Black Sesame Powder 

⬜️ 35g Organic Instant Rolled Oats 

⬜️ A pinch of Salt


1. Mix 200ml of hot water with 25g Black Sesame Powder, 35g Organic Instant Rolled Oats and a pinch of Salt. Stir well.

2. Add in 30g Organic Ice Soy Powder. Mix and stir well before served


Enjoy this twist while it is hot. 👍

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