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Recipe 3: Mini Spaceship (Mini Pancake)

Posted by Agu Ya on


Super Grain Drink

⬜️ 150ml Warm Water

⬜️ 75g Super Grains Powder

Mini Spaceship

⬜️ 150g All-Purpose Flour

⬜️ 200g Water 

⬜️ 2pcs Eggs

⬜️ 70g Fine Sugar

⬜️ 10g Unsalted Butter

⬜️ A pinch of salt

⬜️ 75g Super Grains Powder


Super Grain Drink

Mix 150ml of warm water with 75g Super Grains Powder. Stir well before served. 

Mini Spaceship (Mini Pancake)

Step 1: In a Large bowl, whisk all the ingredients together, if the texture is too thick please add in some water.

Step 2: Heat pan over medium-high heat, swirl butter on pan then pour in small portion of batter based on the size that you like for each pancake. When bubbles rise to surface, flip the pancakes then reduce to low heat. Slow cook until both sides is well cooked. Your little pancake is ready.


Enjoy this dish🥞 while it is hot. 👍

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