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– 不含胆固醇
– 100%天然成分
– 无防腐剂&无金属残留物
– 无色素&物香料
– 独家创新口感




紫薯是一种根菜类。 它富含碳水化合物,膳食纤维,β-胡萝卜素,维生素C,维生素B6,锰和钾,不仅低热量还含有高抗氧化剂。 它富含强效的抗氧化剂-花青素,有助于预防疾病,如心血管疾病,提高免疫力,抗炎,保持骨骼和皮肤健康。 紫薯适合糖尿患者,与其他红薯相比,紫薯具有较低的升糖指数。


– 提高免疫力
– 预防心血管疾病
– 促进肠道规律
– 保持骨骼健康
– 维持皮肤健康
– 提供健康成长的重要营养素


– 一岁以上的宝宝
– 孕妇、产妇及哺乳的妈妈
– 学生,年轻人,中老年人
– 生活不规律、经常外食、忙碌、营养摄取不足者
– 身体虚弱,需要补充营养者




每日建议饮用1-2次,把3匙(25克)紫薯粉加入150 毫升温水搅拌均匀即可饮用。它可用于烹饪或烘焙。


A great immune booster

 -Cholesterol Free
-100% Natural Ingredients
-No Preservative & No metal Residue
-No Colouring & No Flovouring
-Excellent Taste


It is a special nutritional formulation made from purple sweet potato. The high quality of purple sweet potato is used, roasted in low-temperature to ensure the nutrients are well preserved. It is the perfect nutritional drink to supply wide range of vitamin and mineral to meet our daily requirement.


The Benefits of Eating Purple Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potato is classified as a root vegetable. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium have high antioxidant with low calories. It contains most powerful antioxidants (anthocyanin) that help to prevent disease such as cardiovascular disease, boost immunity, anti-inflammatory, and keep bones and skin healthy. Purple sweet potato is diabetic friendly which has lowest glycemic index compare to other sweet potatoes.


Main Functions:
– Boost immune system
– Prevent Cardiovascular disease
– Promote bowel regularity
– Keep bone healthy
– Provide healthy skin
– Vital nutrients for healthy growth


Suitable for:
– 1 years old and above.
– Pregnant women, Maternity and Breastfeeding Mother.
– Student, Adult, Elderly.
– Irregular Lifestyle, Dinning Out Frequently, Busy Lifestyle.
– Weak Body and those who need nutrients supplement.


Ingredients: Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Soybean Powder, Oat Powder, Purple Sweet Potato Granule, Oligofructose (FOS), Fructose


Suggested Serving: Take 1-2 serving a day, one serving is three spoons (25g) of Purple Sweet Potato Meals mix with 150 ml warm water, mix evenly and serve.


Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place. Always keep container tightly closed to preserve freshness. Consume within 2 months after opening.


Product of Malaysia