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Beta-Diet is a nutritious beverage characterized with its distinctive phyto chemical contents. The oat possesses soluble fibre (Beta-glucan) which helps to lower cholesterol. Beetroot contains betaine and betacyanin that are significant for the maintenance of cardiovascular health and provide antioxidant protection respectively. Carrot which stores a goldmine of nutrients contributes remarkably to the Beta carotene, another strong antioxidant which will be converted into vitamin A to meet body’s need.

The goodness of Beta-Diet:

Beta-Diet contains:

  • Beta-glucan:¬†Soluble fiber that helps to lower cholesterol and blood glucose.
  • Betaine:¬†Significant for the maintenance of cardiovascular and liver health.
  • Betacyanin:¬†It exhibits significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect human cells from oxidative stress.
  • Beta carotene:¬†An antioxidant and provitamin A that are essential for normal growth, vision and skin health.

Suitable for:

  • Children ( 1 year old and above) and adult
  • People with anemia
  • People with skin problem
  • Who suffer constipation


Organic oat powder (USDA certified), soy protein, lecithin, beetroot, carrot, oligofructse (FOS)


Serving Suggestion: Add one sachet (25 gm) of Beta-Diet into 150-200 ml of warm water. Stir well and ready to serve.

Product of Malaysia